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MAVI "End of Earth"

Project type

Music Album


February 22,2021

Recording Engineer

I recorded every record on this project

Mixing engineer

I mixed every song on this project. Mixing consist of equalizing, compressing and adding effects to the different tracks to make sure the songs sound high quality to listen to.

Mastering Engineer

I am the mastering engineer for this project. Which consist of making sure every song is louder or equal to other professional songs.

Mavi is an artist signed to United Masters. This is the second project he released titled End of Earth which I Recorded, Mixed and Mastered. this project is available to listen on all streaming services. This album has done millions of streams since its release. photos are pictures I captured during the creation of the project as well as the release event.

below is a link to "Thousand Miles" official video. the lead single from the EP

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