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Nigel Malone, also known as NXGXL, is a multi-talented artist, producer, and audio engineer. He is the founder of Colorful Noise, a music production company founded in 2020. Nigel made a name for himself in the Charlotte music scene during his Mallard Creek High School years, performing at renowned venues such as the Fillmore and the AMCS Bodega. Seeking to expand his musical knowledge, he attended "SAE," a professional audio engineering school in Atlanta, where he worked in major studios alongside renowned musical professionals such as Mike Will Made It, Big K.R.I.T., and Schoolboy Q. In 2019, Nigel returned to Charlotte and is currently hosting an introduction to audio engineering master class for middle schoolers at Wilson STEM academy. With his expertise in music production and audio engineering, Nigel is making a mark in the growing music scene of the Queen City.

Nigel Malone

Colorful Noise is a music production company specializing in audio engineering, mixing, mastering, and production. In addition to providing exceptional music production services, Colorful Noise hosts an "After School" Masterclass, which offers introductory audio engineering classes for the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

The mission statement of Colorful Noise is to provide efficient, high-quality music production services that allow artists to achieve their creative vision. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of the music industry, Colorful Noise is dedicated to delivering the best possible sound to its clients. By providing top-notch audio engineering services and educational opportunities, Colorful Noise is making a significant contribution to the growth and development of the music scene in the Queen City.

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